A R T.
T E C H.
E V E N T S.

Creative Innovation Center for Sustainability

A Creative Innovation Center for Sustainability

The Atrium is a collaborative community of creatives and entrepreneurs centered on the idea of doing business for good. With impactful art, tech and events, the Atrium is a hub where creatives come to work to be inspired and innovate towards an omni-considerate future.

who we are

Success is measured on impact.


We are multi-disciplinary creatives with a passion for radical honesty and kindness. Principled with community and collaboration over competition


We work towards developing sustainable consumer alternatives and services. It is a finite planet, let’s take care of it so it can take care of us.


We bridge the gaps between siloed industries bringing in creatives, inventors and entrepreneurs to change the linear economy towards a circular one

We offer versatile event space with a grove of two story trees inside the lobby.
In the name of sustainability we ask for no single-use plastics..
Fundraisers, meetings, workshops, rehearsals, concerts,