A R T.
T E C H.
E V E N T S.

Creative Innovation Center for Sustainability

The Atrium is a hub where creatives collaborate, find community, and innovate
towards an omni-considerate future 
for all beings and their respective environments.


We are multi-disciplinary creatives with a passion for radical honesty and kindness. Strongly believing in community and collaboration over competition.


We work towards developing sustainable consumer alternatives and services. It is a finite planet, let’s take care of it so it can take care of us.


We bridge the gaps between siloed industries bringing in creatives, inventors and entrepreneurs to change the linear economy towards a circular one.

E V E N T S   A T   T H E   A T R I U M

We offer versatile event space with a grove of two story trees inside the lobby.

In the name of sustainability we ask for no single-use plastics.  

Fundraisers, meetings, workshops, rehearsals, concerts, & gatherings.

A T R I U M   R E S I D E N T   B U S I N E S S E S   &   A R T I S T S 

Unleashed Productions

Shira Lane

Eco creative documentaries and commercials for organizations that give a damn.

HomeBrewer Lab 

Trong Nguyen

Brewery products that make beer, kombucha, and other beverage brewing possible to make from home.

Spoons and Vintage

Maureen Hefti 

One of a kind upcycled metal jewelry, sterling silver spoon rings, and custom fine jewelry in recycled silver and gold. 

Emmalou Ras

Garden of Shadows

Bright colors and playful material use in portraits, paintings, sculpture, fashion, and installations.

Clinton Petrino

Canna Cooperative

Creative Cooperative

Creative buisness tools.

Mary Sand

Marry Contrary

Sustainable art decor for weddings & events.

Melissa Flores

Melissa Flores Art

Landscapes, portraits, & more,

Charlie Sand

Occupy the Trees

Musician, tree webber, sculptor, 3D modeling, and concept creator.

Isela Perez

Sac Dance Lab

Accessible adult and youth dance classes.

Eric Sweet

Robotics Revolution

Robots and more.