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Creative Economy Meeting July 11

Creative Economy Meeting July 9, 2020



17:35:46 From Brittni Plavela : Open Office Hours  Every Thursday morning at 11am – and check out our resource page that is constantly updated-

17:38:05 From Jennifer West  To  All Panelists : Oh hi Aaron!

17:38:48 From Aaron Leong  To  All Panelists : Hey Jennifer!!

17:41:44 From Kati Kouklis : Can you put the link here?

17:41:53 From Kati Kouklis : @Duckee

17:44:07 From Desaree’ “Duckee” Deckard  : Highlighting the art scene of Sacramento, CA since 2015 +

17:44:26 From Desaree’ “Duckee” Deckard  : Highlighting the art scene of Sacramento, CA since 2015 +

17:47:35 From Shira Lane  To  All: 

To apply for the grants go here –

17:50:45 From Ethan, Escape Sacramento : How can we join the mailing list to stay in touch with other creative economy folks and get more information on advocacy opportunities etc?

17:52:33 From Brittni Plavela : You can find more information on opportunities and our past creative economy meetings on the link here, and join our mailing list there as well. Thank you!

17:53:08 From Ethan, Escape Sacramento : Thanks!

17:56:24 From NFlor  To  All Panelists : I am still looking at the title slide

18:02:17 From Browyn Sherman  To  All Panelists : Would equipment purchased for events that were cancelled due to the closure qualify?

18:04:35 From Andrew Kehoe : Hi Browyn, 

18:04:43 From Andrew Kehoe : Can you ask your question in the Q+A

18:04:46 From Andrew Kehoe : it will get lost here

18:05:30 From Browyn Sherman  To  All Panelists : Whoops! Will do

18:05:54 From Andrew Kehoe : thank you!

18:08:52 From A.Michelle Blakeley  To  All Panelists : How do we show “gigs” lost? i.e. Open air markets were closed, so I could sell my wares as a vendor. AMB

18:09:22 From A.Michelle Blakeley  To  All Panelists : …what documents would show that? AMB

18:10:56 From Shira Lane  To  A.Michelle Blakeley and  All Panelists : Can you please ask this important question in Q&A – it will get lost in this chat

18:11:14 From A.Michelle Blakeley  To  All Panelists : How are we documenting loss business?

18:24:32 From Katie McCleary  To  All Panelists : Hi everyone! I highly encourage you to drop into one of the grant writing workshops— tomorrow at 10 am or the 16th at 5:30 pm. I’ll walk you step by step through all the applications and help you think about how to answer the questions and clear up any confusion. I’m here to help! Thanks, Katie

18:26:05 From Katie McCleary  To  All Panelists : It will cost you anywhere from $300-$800

18:26:16 From Katie McCleary  To  All Panelists : OH! Sorry- the insurance policy will cost around $300-$800

18:26:21 From Katie McCleary  To  All Panelists : The grant workshops are FREE

18:27:02 From Aisha Ladon  To  All Panelists : I have had my LLC for a few years, and my biz license as well. But my home business is based about 40 miles from Sac, but I work with Sac artists. Should I find a way to get a biz license in Sac instead to qualify for Sac benefits and grants?

18:27:31 From eben?  To  All Panelists : My agent — Thomas George — helped me get the coverage I needed as an author and writer which a lot of companies are weird about, but he figured it out: here is his email —

18:28:53 From eben?  To  All Panelists : ^^ regarding getting insurance coverage with the city as an independent artist.

18:30:23 From Shira Lane  To  eben? and  All Panelists : Can you share this information on the insurance to all attendees?

18:32:51 From eben? : My insurance agent — Thomas George — helped me get the coverage I needed as an author and writer which a lot of companies can be weird about, but he figured it out: here is his email —
He helped me get a low cost plan when I did the Creative Economy Grant in 2018.

18:33:26 From Brittni Plavela  To  Katie McCleary and  All Panelists : Can you share that information again and make it visible to all attendees too please

18:46:44 From missy kinder  To  All Panelists : If there are too many I can withdraw mine and get it answered later : )

18:47:15 From missy kinder  To  All Panelists : …too many questions

19:00:37 From Kati Kouklis : @missy I am a muralist. Let’s connect. What is the name of the non-profit?

19:09:02 From Eric Bianchi  To  All Panelists : Thanks for the great info! Super helpful.

19:09:23 From missy kinder  To  All Panelists : Kari connect with me at

19:12:57 From Ray  Gargano  To  All Panelists :

19:13:38 From missy kinder  To  All Panelists : oops Kati… didn’t have my reading glasses on!

19:15:36 From Liv Moe  To  All Panelists :

19:15:43 From Liv Moe :

19:15:44 From vincente wilcox  To  All Panelists : Thank you all for your info and beauty! Bye for now

19:15:56 From Liv Moe :

19:17:07 From NJ Mvondo : Thanks, Aisha!

19:17:23 From Aisha Ladon  To  NJ Mvondo and  All Panelists : You are welcome

19:20:32 From Ed Fletcher  To  All Panelists : The nonprofit Sacramento Valley Spark is creating a drive-thru art experience July 24 and July 25 at the Mine Shaft in Rancho Cordova.

19:21:30 From Tigereye Design Studio/Kimberly Lee  To  All Panelists : Thank you for hosting this form and answering so many questions.

19:23:17 From Maya Wallace (she/her) – Vice Chair ACCE Commission  :

19:23:17 From NJ Mvondo : Hi Troy, are you on Instagram?

19:23:20 From Desaree’ “Duckee” Deckard  : Promoting artists, art spaces, art galleries, and art related events :

19:23:41 From Maya Wallace (she/her) – Vice Chair ACCE Commission   : WEbsite for Black Artists Fund:

19:24:31 From Ed Fletcher  To  All Panelists : why did this change from all video to K12 content?

19:24:50 From Andrew Kehoe  To  Ed Fletcher and  All Panelists : This is a specific project

19:25:10 From Andrew Kehoe  To  Ed Fletcher and  All Panelists : the cable commission is funding it apart from the fund that Maya was referencing

19:25:50 From Andrew Kehoe  To  Ed Fletcher and  All Panelists : Cable commission is asking artists to create 3-5 min educational enrichment videos that they can package for PEG channel distribution

19:28:42 From Maya Wallace (she/her) – Vice Chair ACCE Commission    To  All Panelists : I have to hop off for another call. Thanks everyone!

19:28:55 From Jennifer West  To  All Panelists :

19:30:01 From Ashley Ragan  To  All Panelists : I definitely have some content ideas for simple abstract art tutorials!

19:30:02 From Aaron Leong  To  All Panelists : ^^  just above.  Jennifer West is our new Film Commissioner for Sacramento.

19:30:35 From Andrew Kehoe  To  All Panelists : – Mayor’s Office of Civic Engagement

19:31:56 From Deidre Trudeau  To  All Panelists : Thank you so much!!!

19:32:25 From Eben E. B. Burgoon  To  All Panelists : Thank you panelist and to Ray for answering all these questions and sticking together when we can’t even hug! Thanks you!

19:32:33 From Ashley Ragan  To  All Panelists : Meeting Shira has been the best gift, and thank you too all the panelists today!

19:32:42 From Aisha Ladon  To  All Panelists : Thank you everyone yes. Ditto on what Brandon said. Having a creative community is empowering.

19:32:55 From Troy Smith  To  All Panelists : IG : @seaathaatruth stylist creative directors

19:33:38 From Troy Smith  To  All Panelists : if any creatives need merch direction or want to make your art to wearable pieces reach out !

19:34:00 From NJ Mvondo : thank you! everyone!

19:34:14 From Aisha Ladon  To  All Panelists : IG @aishaladon if any artists want to collaborate to curate an event and showcase you work virtually


“Hi! I own a small children’s theater company here in Sacramento. Is this going to be helpful to me and my company? Thanks” Art G. 

It very well could be. Please listen to all and see what might be available to you. Hello Art, the information here will be helpful and informative. There are 4 categories available for the grants including: artists, arts and culture nonprofits, and creative businesses.

Art, it will be. Ray will go over everything. melissacirone

“To Aisha:
1) the BLM virtual exhibit filled up quickly, and many were not able to get in. Will that event be offered again?

2) Working on an exhibit as well, which I aim to make virtually available, but i have no experience (have only done it the old fashion way). Any advice for other curators? Resources you would recommend?  Thank you so much!” NJ Mvondo (1)
Yes, I will be doing more events in the future. Please complete the survey so we can do better next time. (2) I really love Second Life. It is a great tool. As a Curator I think its really important to know your audience and what medium works best for them.

Grant question. We are a touring company and we lost nearly $80k in bookings March through June. The grant is asking for documentation. 11 documents max. What kind of documentation would suffice? Art G.
live answered
Ray Gargano will be covering specific documentation. Also, here is the link to the grant application so you have that for yourself as well.

If 20 million has already been approved for the arts, why the need to advocate for that very money? Janine Mapurunga
live answered 
Janine, it has only been recommended. melissacirone 

When you say “would you not have had to have this expense if not for COVID-19?” is a requirement… That feels like it’s in conflict with the “essential staff” reimbursement category, because essential staff are essential regardless. Can you please clarify? Ethan, Escape Sacramento
live answered 

We are nonprofit theatre. We cannot put on shows and have no $ coming in. Will this help us pay our bills? Will this cover our rent? Christopher Cook
live answered 

Would equipment purchased for events that were cancelled due to the closure qualify? Browyn Sherman
Ray just confirmed live that with documentation of this equipment it does qualify with the cancellation of the event(s)

Regarding individual artists, you can’t claim living expenses, but you can claim business expenses i.e. rent, utilities etc for place of business Kati Kouklis 
yes, with documentation this is applicable. 

What if you purchased equipment to create a new type of product to offer in order to adapt to the covid situation? Say a visual artist invested in equipment and materials to start sewing masks? Basically an artist is adapting to the pandemic situation and starting a new income source? hope this makes sense. Janine Mapurunga
live answered

Where can we access this information online? Carlos Fuentes

To clarify LLC versus individual artist (I am both). I have a screen printing business that is an LLC, and I am an individual artist that was contracted to do a job. Do I submit two seperate applications? Kati Kouklis
live answered

How do we show “gigs” lost? i.e. Open air markets were closed, so I could sell my wares as a vendor. AMB A.Michelle Blakeley
live answered 

LLC can’t claim lost gigs? Kati Kouklis
live answered

How are we documenting loss business as an individual? AMB A.Michelle Blakeley
live answered

For Creative Business essential operating expenses, are these “normal” operating expenses and not necessiarily expenses BECAUSE of COVID? Tigereye Design Studio/Kimberly Lee
live answered

Can you be reimbursed for equiptment as either an individual artist or LLC Kati Kouklis
Yes, there are two different categories specific to this need.

Looking at the grant language that’s been listed on the sites it looks like it is only offering funds for existing businesses and programs. Are new nonprofits centered around virtual programs born out of necessity during the shutdown able to access these funds? For prime example, we want to apply for a grant to be used exclusively for paying local musical artists to perform virtually – is this possible? RemedyRevue
live answered
Tomorrow at 10 am there is a grant writing workshop for nonprofits, artists, and creative businesses. This workshop will go step by step through the applications and help you think about how to answer the questions. 

If you’ve lost gigs in March-June, can an email dated after June 30th still help to prove lost opportunity? eben
live answered 

My business/design firm is a structured as a sole propiertorship – would I apply as a “creative business” That is – do sole proprietorshops qualify or do you have to be incorporated, LLC, etc? Tigereye Design Studio/Kimberly Lee
live answered

I run an arts education program that is not an LLC nor is it incorporated. I operate as a sole proprietor and I had contracts with the City of Sac, a school and one school district that were effected by COVID-19. I also sub-contract with other artists. Will I be able to apply for lost income for myself and the artists that I sub-contract with? Michael Brim live answered

I went from sole proprietor to LLC January 1. I’ve been in business for over 20 years in Sacramento. The speaker just said a business must have been in business for a year to qualify for grants. Does going from a DBA/sole proprietorship to an LLC disqualify my business since the LLC is new? Art G. live answered

Can Ray discuss the insurance liability section and the business occupancy tax certificate question on the application?
Anonymous Attendee
live answered

I am trying to figure out if I need to submit more than one application. I am both an individual artist and an LLC. As an individual artist can I claim lost gigs and operating expenses? Or I can’t claim operating expenses becasue that is under the business category. Kati Kouklis
Yes, apply for both.

If awarded the grant for individual artist, is there a report needed afterwards to show how the money was spent? Janine Mapurunga
live answered

As it pertains to individual artists. Anonymous Attendee
Do you know if you have to have a business checking account for the artist & creative business reimbursment grant?
vincente wilcox
live answered

Can it be a simple letter from your client stating that they were going to hire you for an event but they had to cancel the event because of covid?
Janine Mapurunga
That letter is applicable. 

Once you sign up and pay for the BOT, the city will send you a bill every year for that, correct? If it’s not paid they send you a $150 late penalty fee. Janine Mapurunga
live answered

For small business who received PPP loan, is still eligible to apply for this grant? David Tailor
live answered

Do you need to fulfill all eligibility requirements (i.e. insurance, home office certification etc) at the time of application submission or by before funding is awarded. NFlor From March 1- June 30 – answered live

If some of the venues (i.e. flea markets) you pay for are week by week, how are you documenting loss of income? You weren’t expected yo pay until week of events. AMB A.Michelle Blakeley
live answered

If I had a gig with an arts organization to help host an event as a contractor, the event was cancelled, but they paid me a closing deposit — is the loss of remaining amount reimbursable? eben?
live answered

Our non-profit community also has an art program, we had to close our building and we converted our parking area to an outdoor dining area. This week we added an art-making area and are offering creative experiences under a couple of purchased tents. We’d like to hire an artist affected by closure to work w/ our guests to design and create a mural on the back wall to make the area more welcoming during this difficult time. Are any of the funds available for doing a project like this? missy kinder
live answered

On the application, must it all be done in one sitting or can partial information be input, it can be saved, and go back later to do more? Bob Reich
Yes, you can save as a draft and go back.

I was working on a project to bring a STEAM related ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Art , Math) installation to a local underserved community. Since the pandemic hit it has pretty much stopped. However I am looking into raising the funds myself. My company is investing $15,000 in services to build this, $90,000 remains. Pretty much all this funding goes back into our local Sacramento economy. This projects serves a huge mental health need and helps at risk youths to thrive especially in our current situation. With that in mind, how might this particular round of grants be best utilized to help my company stay a float to be able to create this? vincent-michael
live answered

Will email addresses to you confirming closed venue suffice for documentation? A.Michelle Blakeley live answered

What if you have a home studio in a separate room and you usually right off that part of the rent in your schedule C as a business expense, can you add that in your operating expenses? Janine Mapurunga
Yes, it is an operating expense, but not COVID relief.

But the clarification I need is: is the reimbursable amount for new covid-related hires only? Or is keeping my general manager on (as essential staff) also reimbursable? Ethan, Escape Sacramento
live answered

Thanks Ray, that’s super helpful! Christopher Cook

I already applied for a Small Business Grant. You said you can apply for the Creative Economy grant too. If I do that and get accepted for both, can I chose which one I take? Or will I just get the first one, or lower amount or??? Eric Bianchi
live answered

Can individuals apply for reimbursement for any of the items in A or only cancelled gigs in C? A.Michelle Blakeley
live answered

This is in relation to First Friday Open Studios at WAL – many artists would open every month and counted on the revenue from sales. How do we calculate the missed income? Do we average the revenue from the months prior to covid? Thanks! Janine Mapurunga l
ive answered

If you paid a fee to be a part of a craft fair/event and it was cancelled, can you be reimbursed for the fee as well as loss of potential income, based on prior sales? Omonivie Y
es as loss funds.

You probably have this covered, but ask Ray how the lost income from unscheduled “Second Saturday’s” is recovered. People stoped making contracts. Ed Fletcher
live answered

Are nonprofits eligible to apply for both reimbursement and program grants? Carlos Fuentes
live answered

If my gigs where cancelled from March 1st through June 30th and I have my name on those flyers do I still need to have a email saying the gigs where canceled and how much I was suppose to receive as a performer? Mahtie
Yes, you will need something saying it was cancelled. You can ask them for a letter or email.

Had to step away. Was my question to Aisha about virtual exhibits answered, please? NJ Mvondo
Yes I answered. I will do future events. Please email me if you have more questions.

“I have two questions
1: I have not paid my rent from March till now can I apply for those months I have not paid?

2: I have made and donated almost 1500 face masks so for, I used the material from my inventory that I had and don’t have the receipt of them also I bought material from OfferUp so, how can I claim those expenses? Thanks” David Tailor
live answered

If we recieved a deposit on a gig that was cancelled, but the full amount was cancelled — can we claim loss there? Eben E. B. Burgoon
live answered

Individuals cannot apply for operating expenses? Janine Mapurunga
No, only businesses with a business license.

Is loss of income for an individual limited to vendor booth fee or actual loss of income? A.Michelle Blakeley
live answered

If my art studio was closed due to Covid19 and still required me to pay rent while I had to setup a home studio in the same room where my cat poops. That rent is eligible for reimbursemnt, is the purchase of materials and tech to setup the home office covered? Eben E. B. Burgoon
live answered

I am a bit worried about BOT because we submitted our renewal last week — the day it was due — but it doesn’t seem to have been processed yet. (The web site still shows our last application date as July 8 2019.) Should I be concerned that this will cause a gap in our “good standing” status during the review process, and if so is there something I can do to avoid that? Ethan, Escape Sacramento
live answered

We are a non profit choral group with members. We had contracted to bring out of state coaches (contractors) to work with us for a weekend workshop in March. We did not pay the contractors but we had to pay for airfare that could not be refunded. Can we include this expense? Sarah Eary
live answered

@Missy I am a muralist. Let’s connect! What’s the name of the non profit? Kati Kouklis 

Can an individual creative/vendor apply as a sole proprietor business? A.Michelle Blakeley
You can apply for a business license yes. But for the relief funds apply as an individual for reimbursement of money loss if you lost a contract and have proof in writing
I had an opera contract that would’ve began June 15, but not finished until August 1st. Could the timeframe still work in this instance? Carrie Hennessey
Yes it will still work as long as you get the start date and cancelled contract proof.

Follow up. Do you know if I can take back my Small Biz grant? Eric Bianchi
Probably yes

What about equptment for individual artists? Kati Kouklis
live answered

Wait so individual artist can apply for operating expenses? Kati Kouklis
live answered

As an individual artists, If I was scheduled as a guest speaker in the United Arab Emirates and the event was cancelled due to covid, can I ask for reimbursement for the value of that foriegn currency? Do I have to post date the exchange rate of the currency? Eben E. B. Burgoon
live answered

Not a question, just a great big THANK YOU!!! Janine Mapurunga

If a creator/maker applies as a sole proprietor can they then claim items in section A? A.Michelle Blakeley
perhaps if it happened prior to MArch 1, 2020

Like you are renting a space Kati Kouklis
live answered
Got it Kati Kouklis
an art studio Kati Kouklis live answered
sole proprietorship is a business, not an individual artist Kati Kouklis live answered 

Sole proprietor with an EIN# can claim section A? A.Michelle Blakeley Reach out to –

Sorry, last one. Can an individual apply for loss of income as a creative and apply as sole proprietor and claim section A? A.Michelle Blakeley
Reach out to –

To be crystal clear (because I have recieved different answers from this panel). As an individual artist, I can claim operating expenses such as renting an art studio and utilities for that space
Kati Kouklis Reach out to I want to confirm this so please email that artgrants email

I was contracted for a gig back in March that would have taken place on July 1. Am I eligible for reimbursement on this funding cycle or do I have to wait for the next one? Carlos Fuentes
I think you need to wait till the next one – but enusre you connect and ask-

Thank you Shira and Ray!
Kati Kouklis 

@Maya what’s the web address Kati Kouklis
Here you go, she dropped it in the chat: