City of Sacramento develops circular economy Marketplace

By Waste 360
Waste 360

City of Sacramento Develops Circular Economy Marketplace

The term Circular Economy is an economic model that seeks to create a regenerative closed-loop production system that keeps as many resources in play for as long as possible, ultimately eliminating waste. This economic system is a crucial step towards the United Nations and the Paris climate change agreement goals. Approaches to achieve circularity have been mostly focused on large global corporations, that tend to have slow changing top-down solutions.

“The commonly practiced top-down approach to Circular Economy does little to solve environmental justice, income inequality, and cultural diversity. It lacks the crucial development support needed for local community solutions.” explains Atrium 916 CEO, Shira Lane, “I believe to induce circular economy acceleration, we should also work with small scale creative makers, and inventors of local communities, those who are motivated to innovate, and understand the local community needs. This creates a bottom-up approach to circular economy innovation, giving rise to local micro manufacturing that is sustainable, culturally diverse and increases neighborhood well-being.”

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