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Creative economy meeting hosts artists, leaders to discuss sector’s impact and regional opportunities
ByHelen Harlan  
Sacramento Business Journal

Passion, policy and opportunity intersected on the evening of March 13 when Atrium 916 and Black Artist Foundry held a creative economy meeting in the Russ Room on the upper floor of Solomon’s on K Street in Downtown Sacramento. 
The event was held with the support of Civic Thread, Valley Vision’s We Prosper Together initiative, city of Sacramento and California Forward with the California Jobs First initiative. 

“I don’t think that people who aren’t in the arts realize how much the arts impact all aspects of life,” said Justina Martino, founder of Art Tonic, which provides grant writing support, project management and professional development educational opportunities. “Everywhere you look an artist has probably touched. I feel like often the arts are the first thing to get suggested for budget cuts.”

The event wound down after 9 p.m. and many were left with the words shared by Richard Falcon during the panel. Falcon is a temporary city employee with the Office of Arts and Culture, an organizer with United Latinos. He’s also the founder and president of Teatro Nagual, a social justice-based theater company in Sacramento.
“Someone once told me ‘You want to be an artist, get political,’” Falcon said. “The tree you plant today is going to shade for seven generations to come.”

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