$89 million dollars of federal money has been given to the city to be used for Covid relief, Covid rebuilding and Covid related solutions. If money is found to be used for anything else it must be returned. With the nudge of our arts advocate Dennis Mangers, Mayor Darrell Steinberg has proposed that 20 million be directed to the Creative Economy that has been hurt by Covid in the following buckets:

1. Grants or forgivable loans to artists/creatives and arts and culture related nonprofits focused on equity and underserved populations, corridors and neighborhoods extraordinarily affected by the shutdown.
2. Grants or forgivable loans to selected city arts and cultural institutions best positioned to lead to the rebuilding of the creative economy.
3. Grants to arts education initiatives designed to move skill-based instruction, arts related enrichment activities and exposure to the various art forms on-line until schools reopen and then to move artists in residence back into schools and students back into the city’s arts and cultural facilities.
4. Investments in the city’s partner, Visit Sacramento, which is tasked with bringing conventions, festivals and other major cultural events back within the “new normal” of a COVID-19 and post crisis environment. Tourism is an indispensable part of the city’s economy and will be vital to reinvigorating businesses disrupted by the pandemic.


Your voice


We are so excited to announce that the Sacramento Cable Commission passed our joint proposal this afternoon, Thursday June 18, 2020 to pay creatives to make online enrichment content and have it shared on the PEG channels and with local nonprofits like Square Root Acadamy and others.

It is thanks to you all for stepping up and letting your voices be heard. Thank you Margo Boatwright, Kip Bridges, Troy Smith and Ashley Ragan for submitting your video public comment.

Team work – we are all in this together.

Next steps will be to meet with the commission and start hashing out the details. We will share updates as we learn. 

Lets get creative !

With Kindness

The Atrium Team