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Co-Working Lab

The Atrium’s co-working space is a collaborative community of creatives and entrepreneurs centered on the idea of making the world a better place. Our members bring unique perspectives and expertise from varying disciplines allowing the community to share and learn from one another creating innovative approaches to challenging local and world problems. From local artists, inventors, entrepreneurs and performers we serve non-profits and sustainable businesses alike, creating a revolution for impactful change! 


Shira Lane
Unleashed Productions
Sheilagh McCafferty
Sheilagh Studio
Brandon Greathouse
Greathouse of Dance
Kip Bridges
Seabridge Galleries
Yennie Zhou
Yennie Zhou Designs
Deborah Hunt
Armature Consulting


Trong Nguyen
Sauer Slaw
Mary Sand
Mary Sand Designs
Emmalou Ras
Garden of Shadows
Maureen Hefti
Spoons & Vintage
Charlie Sand
Charlie’s Webs
Shenandoah Kehoe
Happy Hour Theater
Madge Davis
In Honor of a Kind Spirit You are Missed
Clinton Petrino
Canna Cooperative
Reneta Jenik
Eric Sweet
Robotics Evolution
Shira Zohar
JP Odbert
Michelle Dougherty
Mosaic Co-Lab
Isela Perez
Sac Dance Lab
Brandon Ortiz
Flash Factory
Tony Nguyen
Two Point 4 Dance
Brittni Plavala
Yoga Instructor