Recycle Challenge


Submission Deadline has passed for the recycle Challenge. The Atrium sought an artist or a team of artists to submit a proposal that upgrades our current Recycle Challenge Art installation. Thanks to Councilman Eric Guerra, and the Sacramento Waste Authority, we have a budget of $60,000 for design and fabrication of two mobile installations. These installations need to be of museum grade and fold for easy travel in any size car.

We will be updating on this project on this page.

Submission deadline has passed: Friday,  July 31, 3pm


The Atrium is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to creating a kind and sustainable future for all. We are committed to educating communities on sustainable practices and the urgency of the global recycling crisis.

In early 2018 an art installation was created through a partnership with Atlas Disposal, called The Atlas Recycling Challenge. This installation was designed as an interactive guessing game on everyday items, asking participants to decide which items go into the blue bin curb side recycling.  This playful art installation game was placed at a number of events and educated thousands of participants sprouting meaningful discussions and behavior change.

ReDesign, and Upgrade
The initial Atlas Recycling Challenge, was upcycled from wood pallets making it hard to transport, which limited the number of events it could participate in.

With this request for proposal, we are seeking to build two  robust, mobile interactive art installations. 

The concept is to create a three-panel interactive display that outlines the current recycling challenge generated by our linear economic system. We are seeking this to be an interactive stimulating game, of museum grade and able to fold for easy travel in any size car and able to count the number of interactions.

Design, Intent & Overview

The three-panel interactive display will outline the recycling challenges we face today. Maybe even ways we can reach a sustainable, circular economic future.

It is open to your imagination and creativity, but we ask the following:

  • It plays like a game – fun, stimulating and informative.
  • It  looks impressive, museum worthy and can draw a crowd.
  • It is easy to transport in any size car.
  • It can count the number of interactions on its own.
  • The information is based on this messaging grid we put together.
  • It helps build consumer awareness on what can and can not be recycled.
  • Easy to upgrade information, as the recycle world evolves.

The design approach for the display is a collaborative effort between industry stakeholders and eco minded creatives.

This art installation game can also (Possible options and ideas)

  • Make use of ipads and touch screens using video as a medium.
  • Showcase ways to better reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Introduce the concept of upcycling and ways to reuse products more efficiently.
Now Accepting Applications

The Atrium invites you to submit your proposal ideas for consideration,  to design and build an interactive educational art installation focused on recycling challenges in the greater Sacramento area. The project budget for design and fabrication services are not to exceed $60,000.

This request for proposals is open to professional creatives, preferably in Sacramento California. The Atrium can not and will not reimburse for travel or for costs to make this initial proposal. Only the artist or team that has been awarded the contract will be paid for the design and fabrication of the installation. Creatives with portfolios that can showcase previous work and delivery, are highly encouraged to apply .  Artistic diversity is a strong factor in the selection process. The Commissioned Artist(s) will work with community stake holders, Sacramento County and Atrium staff to create a durable game for this mobile outdoor installation.

Applicants who wish to be considered for this project should have experience working within the public process, as well as a proven ability to fabricate their own work or to work with fabricators and installers.

The artwork must reflect the Project Intent as described above. The Commissioned Artist(s) will be required to provide evidence of appropriate liability, and  insurance. 

The Atrium is committed to excellence in environmental stewardship and in sustainable building practices. We encourage creatives whose work addresses issues of sustainability to consider applying for this project.

All costs related to the submission of the proposal must be assumed by the submitting individual/agency and will not be reimbursed.

Submissions Due By: All interested parties must submit their proposals by July 31, 2020 at 3:00pm PST. Top candidates will be invited for an interview with Atrium staff and the top three (3) candidates will be scheduled for a face-to-face presentation with the sponsor stakeholders for the final candidate selection.

Submitting Questions Concerning Proposal: All questions can be submitted to using the subject line “Atrium Recycle Challenge Proposal Inquiry” and must be submitted no later than July 27, 2020 at 5:00pm PST. All questions will be answered in real time and posted below.

Proposal Evaluation: Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated expertise in designing and implementing large scale art installations
  • Passion for educating others on environmental sustainability with a focus on recycling
  • Ability of proposal to be executed within budget and timeframe given.

Artists and creatives can submit multiple proposals.

FRIDAY JULY 31st, 2020 3pm

Q&A Session - Friday July 24, 2020

Pre Submission Application Questions

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We would prefer it be sustainable and powered by solar, so it can go to any festival event (when they return). More flexibility the better.

We prefer that both booths are mobile, just in case one is out of commission for repair, then we have the other to use if we have an event. Also we may have two different events on the same day. Our new address is 1020 Front Street – we are still painting, cleaning and preparing. If you feel like popping over with a paintbrush and helping out we would love that!

The images below are of the Recycle Challenge prototype. A simple game that asked people to guess which items were blue bin recyclable or not. Most people  guessed wrong, but became inquisitive to learn how they could improve.