This is a traveling interactive art installation that educates, those who dare to play it, how to up their recycling game. Designed to travel to festivals, markets and schools. This art installation helps realize how one persons impact can affect a whole system. Planet Earth is changing and may not be habitable for humans much longer unless we take action. The recycle challenge is a  Beacon satellite sent from outer space to warn humanity of the terrible sights it sees from above: forests burning, ice caps melting, oceans over fished, replaced with plastic trash, air quality diminishing, and finite natural resources that keep humanity alive are depleting. YOUR MISSION? Play The Recycle Challenge: Learn how to consume less and recycle right to save our planet from being consumed by trash!


The Recycle Challenge was developed by Shira Lane,  with the support of Sacramento City Councilman Eric Guerra, and the generous funding by Sacramento Waste Authority.


The Atrium is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to creating a kind and sustainable future for all. We are committed to educating communities on sustainable practices and the urgency of the global recycling crisis.

In early 2018 an art installation was created through a partnership with Atlas Disposal, called The Atlas Recycling Challenge. This installation, designed by Shira Lane with Unleashed Productions  as an interactive guessing game on everyday items, asking participants to decide which items go into the blue bin curb side recycling after they walked through an art installation that gave the illusion you were walking under water and surrounded by trash. This playful art installation game was placed at a number of events and educated thousands of participants sprouting meaningful discussions and behavior change.

ReDesign, and Upgrade
The second version of the Recycling Challenge, was upcycled from wood pallets as a pilot test for an installation of sorts to work with crowds of all sorts. The reaction was successful but the pallet design wasn’t the most convenient to travel with.

With funding support from Sacramento Waste Authority, the Atrium upgraded the original art installation into two mobile museum grade art installations.

Design, Intent & Overview​

The Atrium selected to work with an artist team consisting of Sean Stillwell, Jaymie Braun, and Alexa Jesse to lead the upgrade and redesign of the installation.

Sean Stillwell (SS Studios) is an architectural designer, sculptor, and activist with experience building large-scale installations for corporations, small businesses, and community entities. Jaymie Braun brought her diverse background into this project that has seen her living and working internationally for over a decade. Her artistic process is guided by creating transformative experiences, provoking thought, and building community. Alexa Jesse is a professional writer, artist, and activist passionate about educating individuals on how to realign with their purpose by living more sustainably.

Many creatives worked collaboratively to make this art installation come to life and they include:  Yennie Zhou, Hoimei Lin, Maker’s Luck, Dwellpoint, Sacramento Art Glass, Chuck Sommerville, Paramour Designs, and Microperts.

A special thanks to Unbound Solar for their generosity in allowing the Recycle Challenge Art Installation to be fully powered by the sun!


This is the third incarnation of the The Recycle Challenge. This beacon figure was designed and conceptualized by Sean Stillwell with the idea of it being a guide or beacon of hope, which is desperately needed to tackle today’s waste management crisis.